Friday, February 22, 2008


I am seemingly in a dry time of life. Before Christmas I resigned from my position as leader of women’s ministries and began to look for a new church; I’ve been struggling with depression for over a year and just last week my doctor advised me to stop working for the sake of my mental health. My physical health has kept me from my daily walks. What is God doing? Where is he taking me?

It may seem like God has put me on the shelf because I’m not doing any work or service right now, but maybe he’s working on my roots to grow them and while he does, I may not bear flowers. I must wait and be patient just as Jesus told his disciples, as he was leaving for heaven, to wait in Jerusalem. We can get so caught up in doing things for God that we begin to neglect God.

Chambers writes, “Once you are rooted and grounded in Christ the greatest thing you can do is to be. Don’t try and be useful; be yourself and God will use you to further his ends.”*

Be. Not do but be. If I am filled and saturated by Jesus, if I am habitually dominated by his life, then who I am is defined by his presence in me. We are the salt of the earth. When we throw a few grains of salt into our food, the salt does nothing. It simply continues to be salt and, by its presence, improves the taste of the food. When I focus on being God’s, I can simply be me and God will show me what I can do.

God, I want to continue to be yours, to be who you created me to be, to be filled with you. Keep me from trying to prove I am yours by all I do. Let me simply be yours—a willing tool in your hands, not mine.

* Page 28, “Facing Reality” in The Complete Works of Oswald Chambers.

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