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Disciple or Just a Believer?

“Any believer who truly wants to obey God will make trouble.”1 Why are Christians in China and other countries persecuted? It’s not because they believe in God. Most governments are content to let people believe what they will in the privacy of their own homes. “The reason house church Christians are arrested and imprisoned in China is because they cannot keep quiet… Do you boldly preach the truth of God’s word to sinners inside and outside your churches? If you do, you will soon find out that there is persecution wherever you are.”2

How willing am I to make trouble because of Jesus? I must admit that I have been so quiet in the workplace about my belief in and dependency on Jesus that after working a year in the job I just left (I do temp work) no one knew I was a Christian. Why? What have I been afraid of? Rejection? Being mistreated? Being thought strange? Losing my job? If I lived in China no one would be looking to arrest me because of my faith because I have done nothing to upset the status quo.

“There are more than enough Christian ‘believers’ in the world today. God wants more disciples!”3 What is the difference? Disciples are willing to follow and obey Jesus regardless of the cost.

Consider Sister Chang who was told by God to preach the gospel on the steps to the local police station. Not surprisingly, she was sent to prison where, in the first three months, she brought 800 women to Christ and so changed things in that prison that she was offered a well-paying job, a chauffeured car and a nice apartment. She declined so she could continue to preach Christ.

And I’m afraid to let my colleagues see the title of the Christian book I read during breaks or tell them that I’m praying for them.

“A believer always seeks assurances that nothing will go wrong if they step out for Jesus…. [on the other hand,] disciples pray, ‘Oh God, if you will lend me just a little spiritual dynamite, I promise I will take it to the darkest area I can find, place it there, and pray you will send your fire from heaven to explode it.”4

Are you a disciple or just a believer?

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Konrad said…
cool, thats a good reminder. :D

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