Friday, March 14, 2008

A New Church Home

The house church I loved so much closed. The pastors moved on and all but five of us went looking for new places to worship. The five who remained found the church reshaped by new leadership in every way. For nearly two and a half years I tried to adjust to the new ways and finally was forced to say that it simply wasn’t a fit for me. The fourth Sunday in Advent this past year was my last day. It was hard to leave because I love the people. It’s a good church and is doing awesome things for God but it had become very evident that my time there was over.

So I went church hunting. I didn’t need to search for long. When I entered the first church on my list, it felt like I had come home. Two and a half months later all I can say is, “Thank you God for bringing me here.”

There is much I want to share but I hardly know where to begin. Do I describe for you the uniqueness of the building? The neighbourhood of the church? The variety of people who attend? The incredible connection these people have with God? This past week has been a week of prayer. Do I describe what I’ve observed and experienced? Where do I start?

Perhaps I won’t, for now. But I will.

Father, thank you for bringing me “home”; for bringing me to a church that will stretch my understanding of and faith in you. Thank you for this church and for the people there. Thank you for all you have done for me and all you have yet to do. Thank you for YOU.

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Anonymous said...

Sooooo?? When do we get to hear WHERE you're calling your home church? = )