Monday, March 17, 2008

"Scenes from the Passion of Christ"

I subscribe to Art of the Day on my igoogle home page. Each day a new photo of a work of art inspired by some story in the Bible appears on my computer screen. I love them!

Today's work of art especially appeals to me because of the extreme detail. The painting by Hans Memling is from the fifteenth century, and places the scenes of "Holy Week" scattered in and around a medieval walled city. If you go here there are "hotspots" over which, when you hover your mouse, a description of that scene appears.

Holy Week. What does it mean to you? Do you mark this week as different in any way? As you go through the week, are you conscious of what was happening in Jesus' life on each of the days? Does your church offer special services for any or all of the days? Do you eat a special meal on Maundy Thursday to remember the Last Supper? Do you pause often throughout Good Friday and recall what part of the crucifixion was happening at that hour? Do you spend Saturday in contemplative silence as you consider Christ in the tomb? How do you celebrate Easter? Do the children in your life know Easter primarily as a day for chocolate and bunnies or is the joy of Christ's resurrection the theme of your day?

This week, one of things I'm doing is making this painting the wallpaper for my computer desktop so that I will have a constant reminder in front of me of what this week is about. What will you be doing?

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