Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bible Genealogies (Did You Know?) II

Continued from previous post.

Did you know that David had both a sister and a wife named Abigail?

Joab was the commander of David's army. He had two brothers, Abishai and Asahel. The three men were known as the "sons of Zeruiah." Did you know that Zeruiah was their mother, not their father? Zeruiah was David's sister so these three "mighty men" were David's nephews.

When Absalom rose up against his father David to take kingship of the nation, he appointed Amasa to be over the army. Did you know that Amasa was the son of David's sister Abigail and Absalom's cousin as well as the cousin of the sons of Zeruiah? After Absalom was killed, David kept his nephew Amasa as the commander of his army in place of Joab but Joab, pretending to kiss his cousin Amasa in greeting, stabbed him in the belly and left him to die in the middle of the road. David was so angry that when he put Solomon on the throne, he urged Solomon to avenge Amasa of his death. Joab fled to the "tent of the Lord" where he grabbed the horns of the altar in a bid to save his life but Solomon obeyed his father David and ordered Joab be killed there, at the altar.

To be continued.

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