Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bible Genealogies (Did You Know?) IV

Continued from previous post.

Did you know that Bathsheba, the wife King David stole from Uriah, was the only wife of David who had more than one son? Did you know that her son Solomon, who later became king, was the youngest of her four sons?

Did you know that one of the descendants of Judah, Saraph, ruled in Moab (one of Israel's enemies descended from Lot and one of his daughters)?

Did you know that Samuel was a Levite? The Levites were the tribe that was responsible for taking care of the tabernacle and later the temple. There were three clans, each given a particular aspect of the work. Samuel came from the same clan as the priests. Those in that clan who were not descendants of Aaron the high priest were the Levites who were allowed to get closest to the most sacred parts of the temple. So when Samuel slept in the tabernacle as a child, he had an ancestral right to be there. Did you know that?

Did you know that the chief musician during David's reign was Heman, the grandson of Samuel?

To be continued.

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