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Pro-Gay is False Gospel?

The news headline from CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) reads:

Conservative Anglicans vow to fight 'false gospel' in liberal churches
Members set themselves apart, but reject formal split
A battle has been raging in many churches as church leadership and members confront the current social and political acceptance of something that was once considered a psychiatric problem and blatant sin. What do we do about homosexuality in our churches? Some say that in the name of tolerance and love, all people, regardless of sexual orientation should have equal access to all that is available in churches, including marriage and pastoral positions. Others declare that the Bible distinctly says that homosexual behaviour is sinful. Of those with the second view, there are a variety of questions to answer and impliment: Do we allow people who are in obvious, unrepentant sin to attend? Become members? Participate in the Christian sacraments (of which marriage is one)? Take on leaders…

The Visitation

I was suprised to discover that Frank Peretti's The Visitation has much the same theme as John White's The Dark Lord's Demise. What does it mean to be a Christian? What does following Jesus look like? Is it enough to believe, say and do the right things or is there something more? The first third of the book seems to mock the Christian culture, which made me wonder about my own relationship with God. Is it real or superficial?

When a young man with flowing, long hair, parted neatly in the centre comes to town and starts healing people and miraculously producing loaves of bread, people are certain that he is Jesus returned. Out-of-towners move in with their mobile homes and trailers, hoping to be healed and to bask in the presence of his goodness. Who is this man? Why is he claiming to be the Messiah? And if he's not Jesus, how did the spike-driven scars on his wrists get there?

"When Jesus came to the earth the first time...he went about doing good. Well, why not n…

The Dark Lord's Demise

One person I have great respect for is Dr. John White. He was a man of compassion and wisdom--a psychiatrist who preached most Sundays at the church I attended in the 1970s. His spiritual journey was one that has greatly inspired me.
A prolific writer, at the request of his children, he wrote a series of fantasy novels unabashedly mimicking "The Chronicles of Narnia" called "The Archives of Anthropos." The stories begin in Winnipeg but the children are transported to another world, Anthropos, where they have a variety of experiences with spiritual insight for the reader. I think my favourite is Quest for the King because of the accurate and helpful description of spiritual warfare.
Dr. White was working on a final book for the series before his death. Friends of his generously took on the project of finishing The Dark Lord's Demise on his behalf. I'm disappointed. It wasn't as meaty as Quest for the King. I saw a theme about the dangers of some New Age sp…


I had my gallbladder removed Thursday morning. I became more and more nervous and scared as the day came closer. Wednesday, I was an emotional mess and that night I hardly slept. Tears were falling down my face as the anesthetic took effect.

My fears were the result of previous experiences with general anesthetic--waking up to nauseousness and vomitting and taking forever to heal--but to my amazement, as awareness began coming to me in the Recovery Room, I was not sick at all. It pays to tell the anesthesiologist how anesthetic has affected you in the past. She gave me a concoction of drugs to prevent the nausea and it worked! Thank you Jesus!

I continue to be amazed at how well I am doing. Yes, simple things tire me and now, at home, without morphine at the touch of a button, I'm hurting more but I don't feel sick. I was even able to cook my own cereal this morning. God is good.

I bought a pile of Christian novels to read while I recover--thinking that my brain would be…

Impregnated and Nourished

“You should not be surprised at my saying, 'You must be born again.'” John 3:7 NIV“The words [‘you must be born again’] were spoken…to an upright, godly man.”*

“If I am ever going to have the heredity of the Son of God…my personal life must be impregnated by the Holy Ghost….”

“I enter into the life of God by its entering into me, that is, I deliberately undertake to become the home of the life of the Son of God.”

“The Spirit of the Lord will rest on him…and he will delight in the fear of the Lord.” Isaiah 11:2-3 NIV

“The time a Christian gives to prayer and communion with God is…meant to nourish the life of the Son of God in him…and enables [God] to manifest Himself in my mortal flesh.”
To be born again requires an impregnation of the Holy Spirit and a deliberate decision to become the home of God. Then I must nourish the Life in me so that God's life in me can be seen. (This is a mere rewording of what Oswald Chambers has to say but to add more would be to subtract.)


Why are You Hated?

“…you will be hated by all nations because of me.” Matthew 24:9 NIV

“I have given them your word and the world has hated them, for they are not of the world any more than I am of the world.” John 17:14 NIVWhat stirs up this hatred Jesus said the world would have towards his followers? Oswald Chambers writes, “I have no business to stir up the hatred of the world through a domineering religious opinionativeness—that has nothing whatever to do with the spirit of Jesus.”* This is something I have been believing more and more but sadly, it is our “domineering religious opinionativeness” that is seen and hated most by those who do not follow Jesus.

Think about it! How much time do we expend trying to persuade non-Christians that homosexuality is wrong and that our laws must reflect that? In North America today, Christians are known far more for our religious opinionativeness than for anything else. How sad! This is not the gospel. This isn’t the good news that Jesus brought to earth. The goo…