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Pro-Gay is False Gospel?

The news headline from CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) reads:

Conservative Anglicans vow to fight 'false gospel' in liberal churches
Members set themselves apart, but reject formal split

A battle has been raging in many churches as church leadership and members confront the current social and political acceptance of something that was once considered a psychiatric problem and blatant sin. What do we do about homosexuality in our churches? Some say that in the name of tolerance and love, all people, regardless of sexual orientation should have equal access to all that is available in churches, including marriage and pastoral positions. Others declare that the Bible distinctly says that homosexual behaviour is sinful. Of those with the second view, there are a variety of questions to answer and impliment: Do we allow people who are in obvious, unrepentant sin to attend? Become members? Participate in the Christian sacraments (of which marriage is one)? Take on leadership roles? It's a painful and difficult subject for most churches because not everyone agrees. What to do?

The Anglican Church worldwide is dealing with this question. Whole countries of churches are taking opposing sides and there has been talk about a split in the church--with North America and Europe embracing the more liberal stance and countries in Africa and elsewhere insisting that homosexual behaviour is not part of God's will for his people and refusing to sanction it in their congregations. Oil and water. Can they mix? Can both factions remain part of the same denomination and continue to function as a cohesive whole? The conservative Anglicans are hoping they can. Despite calling the liberal view a "false gospel," they "cherish [their] Anglican heritage and the Anglican Communion and have no intention of departing from it."

Is this feasible? What do you think?


The Peters said…
Ive been pondering this one Maggie...still no concise response. I hope its possible for them to stay united. I think that unity is almost always best. I however think its sad that the church as a whole has for the most part either taken a very anti-gay approach or pro-approach. At the end of the day, I believe our job as a church is to invite people to get to know Jesus. Jesus has the ability to sort all else out. I really have come to believe its that simple, the problem is church politics seldom allow for such simplicity.

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