Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Holy Discontent

There are two or three blogs I have discovered lately that I want to read from beginning to end. One of these is My Journey Out by Kenny Warkentin. He began his blog when, in the spring of 2005, he left the homosexual lifestyle and his partner of eight years because of an encounter he had with God. In one of his posts he writes, "I was recently listening and watching the willowcreek leaders DVD's and one of the speakers asked...."what is your holy dicontent?" Meaning, what injustice can you not stand?"

This got me thinking. What is my holy discontent? What injustice can I not stand? So I've been spending some time thinking about this.

It concerns me greatly that we have so many people professing to be Christians but who are not walking with God. They believe that all they need is salvation--by answering some altar call or praying the sinner's prayer--not realizing that salvation is not only for the future but for now: salvation from slavery to sin; salvation from the old way of living; saved to be free to walk and do as Jesus did now.

Another great injustice is the way people, usually immature Christians though they may consider themselves very mature, are quick to pounce on those who are not living a godly life (even if those pounced upon profess no belief in Jesus) and tell them how sinful and horrid they are. The only ones that Jesus derided for their immorality were those who professed to be spiritual leaders but whose actions were totally contrary to what they purportedly represented. All others need to be shown the love of God and invited to come into relationship with him. It is only in relationship with God that our sinfulness can be changed and that only with the Holy Spirit; so who are we to condemn those who are living in sin (whether it's homosexuality, prostitution, drugs and alcohol, violence and murder, greed, deceit or anything else)? They cannot stop sinning until they've invited Jesus to live in them.

I want people to know that God is real and that he not only has the power to change lives but that he wants to and can change lives. The key is to keep our focus on Jesus--not the problem, not the sin we want to be rid of but on Jesus. We seek relationship with God and we seek and learn to hear his voice, his words to us, and determine to obey them no matter how ridiculous, painful or pointless those words may seem. When we do this (and we can only do it through the power of God), God will do the changing in us. The things he whispers to us will be the things, when obeyed, that will bring us to the freedom and holy lifestyle we desire.

Lord, I want to be someone whose focus is on you and you alone; someone who is listening for, hearing and obeying what you say to me and someone who, through your grace and power, is able to encourage and help others to do the same. Bring justice and mercy to those who need it and lead me in whatever role you want me to take to make this happen.

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