Thursday, August 7, 2008

How DARE They?

I'm angry. Today the following article was run in the Winnipeg Free Press: "Church set to protest at funeral Says beheading of city man God's way of punishing us." An American church from Topeka, Kansas is coming to Winnipeg to tell us that "The curse of God was put upon [Canada] when that young man's head was cut off." They are claiming that "the murder of Tim McLean was God's response to Canadian policies that allow homosexuality, abortion and adultery." How DARE they? They are promoting an already popular idea in Canada that Christians promote hate through intolerant attitudes. The damage this church will do is incalculable. And how DARE they add grief to a family that has already suffered more than any family should?

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Cortney said...

They should not have run the story. Its like when Pat Robinson said the same thing about 9/11. Bad doctrine, and how sad it must be to be people who believe this. You will live thinking at any moment God's wrath will be upon you, because all have fallen short..