Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I'm accompanying my husband on a business road trip the next five days. He has to be on the first job site by 3:00 tomorrow afternoon and google maps says it takes over 8 1/2 hours to get there without stops. I set the alarm for 4:00 a.m. and turned the light out tonight at 10:00 after taking sleeping meds. I can't sleep. I got up after an hour. It's now midnight. Oh joy! (And Tom has just now gone to bed himself.) If you read this in time, please pray for our safety on the highway.

As for blog posts while we're gone, I don't know what kind of internet access we'll have, since we'll be in "Small Town," Saskatchewan. If I can, I will.


Di said...

Absolutely praying!!! How cool that you're accompanying him!!!

Debbie Haughland Chan said...

So far we've had a good trip and interesting conversation as we drove despite 4 hours of sleep for him and 2 1/2 for me. I'm hanging out in our room while he is working, munching on cherries from the fruit stand in the motel parking lot. I'm looking forward to bedtime!

Debbie Haughland Chan said...

Oh! And thanks for your prayers, Di. Despite my occassional gasps as the nervous passenger I always am, the drive was without incident.