Sunday, October 19, 2008

En Rapport

The soul of the sanctified saint is en rapport with God, he has no responsibility, he is 'without carefulness' because his Father cares, God's predestinations are that soul's voluntary choosings. --Oswald Chambers*
God, I want to be en rapport with you, to be so intimately connected with you that I have no worries. so connected with you that without even thinking, I choose your ways. But my soul still rebels at times; it wants its own way--a way different from yours. Lord, I don't want to break my will but rather to meld my will to yours so they are one. Is that something that's even possible, God?
...For as gold is tried by fire
So a heart must be tried by pain.

...And bless the cleansing fire
And the furnace of living pain!
--Adelaide Anne Proctor (quoted by Oswald Chambers)*
Father, if fire and pain are the only way to be en rapport with you, I choose them. So be it.

*"Christian Disciplines, Volume 1" in The Complete Works of Oswald Chambers p. 284-287

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