Friday, October 3, 2008

Evangelist Worth More than Osama bin Laden

Since reading his end-times novels and Epicentre, the book that explains the prophecies and world politics the novels are based upon, I have been following the blog of Joel Rosenberg. One post has captured my attention: Exclusive: Al Qaeda Targets Arab Evangelist For Preaching The Gospel To Muslims.

Father Zakaria Botros is an Egyptian Coptic priest whose in-your-face “ninety-minute program...has become ‘must see TV’ throughout the Muslim world.” What makes his program so compelling? Perhaps it is his explanations “without apology what he believes is wrong with Islam...why Jesus loves them and why [Jesus] is so ready to forgive them and adopt them into His family....” Maybe it's because he takes on any question his (often antagonistic) listeners ask. It most certainly is because of the furor he has evoked amongst Islamic leaders.

The Muslim clerics have “named him one of the ‘most wanted’ infidels in the world,” putting a bounty on his head for as much as $60 million. Compare that to “the U.S. bounty on Osama bin Laden’s head [which] is ‘only’ $25 million.” Why? A thousand Muslims each month “pray to receive Christ with his telephone counsellors,” and the more the radicals attack Father Zakaria, the more Muslims become curious and tune in—up to fifty million a day.

This is the most exciting news I’ve heard in a long time. Can you imagine? Through the technology of satellite TV, the gospel is being preached to the most closed nations of the world and the people are flocking to hear it! If a thousand pray with telephone counsellors each month to receive Christ, how many more are making that decision quietly in their homes?

Father God, it is so exciting to see your gospel preached to a people cut off by their leaders from knowing you. Thank you for those who have put their lives on the line and for the technology that makes this possible. Thank you for Father Zakaria and his courage, his boldness and his panache. Continue to open the hearts of those who hear what he says and give them the courage to turn their backs on everything and everyone they know to follow you. Bless him and his staff, Lord! Bless the new believers and may they grow in grace and in the knowledge of you. Thank you for this glimpse into what you are doing. May your kingdom come! So be it.

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