Monday, October 20, 2008

Production of a Saint

A saint is a living epistle written by the finger of God, known and read of all men. A saint may be any man, any wastrel or vagabond, who discovering himself at Calvary, with the nature of sin uncloaked to him, lies in despair; then discerning Jesus Christ as the Substitute for sin and rising in the glamour of amazement, he cries out--"Jesus, I should be there." And to his astonished spirit, he receives justification from all his sinfulness by that wondrous Atonement. Then, standing in that great light, and placing his hands, as it were, over his Saviour's crucified hands, he feet over His crucified feet, he crucifies for ever his right to himself, and the [sin] baptises him with the Holy Ghost and fire, substituting in him a new principle of life, an identity of holiness with Himself, until he bears unmistakably a family likeness to Jesus Christ. --Oswald Chambers*

*"Christian Disiciplines, Volume 1" in The Complete Works of Oswald Chambers page 291.

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