Friday, November 7, 2008


She stands between past and future. Will the past repeat? She prays not.

Three watch in a huddle. "She's in a painful place."

"We will show her truth."

"Look! She's a child, running up the back steps with glee. She's had a good day."

"Yes, she has, but that will change as she opens the door."

The child stops, one step inside. Her mother sobs on the couch with a friend.

Without a word, she knows. Her father died.

"How could she know that? He didn't live with them, he wasn't sick and there was nothing wrong."

"I told her."

"Her spirit is heavy."

"She believes she must now care for her mother."

"She's too small! It's not right! She can't do that!"

"It's time to show her."

She who stands between past and present watches the child. "Where were you, God?"

"I was with you, Child. Look closely."

"I see the faint outline of your invisible form behind me, your arms wrapped behind me."

"Do you hear what I am whispering in your ear?"

"You want me to be me."


"Who is 'me'? Who was I then? Who am I now?"


She who stands between past and future watches as the One Without Form pulls the child deep into his embrace until all of her is envelopped by all of him, arm for arm, leg for leg.

"You are who I made you to be. You are in me, hidden in my presence. I am your Protector, your Shield, your Fortress."

"I used to hide a lot. Sometimes I still do."

"I have been with you in all the scary places."

"I've always thought I'm no good."

"You wanted to be perfect. There is only One who is."

The scene shifts. She who stands sees through a garage roof.

"That's my father lying on the floor!"


"He's so helpless, so dead!"


"He was supposed to protect me. He couldn't even protect himself."

"It's okay to cry. I keep every tear."

She who stands between past and future gazes at the figure, still and dead on the floor, and mourns. She looks at the child in the doorway, ensheathed by the One Who Has No Form, and understands. She cannot make it right--not for father, not for sister, not for son--but she has never been alone.

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Di said...

Oh, sweetie, that gave me chills!! It's beautiful to me.

Debbie Haughland Chan said...

Thanks. Did you read the two others like it? If not, hit the "story" link at the bottom.