Monday, November 17, 2008

Swallowed by the Cross

As I finished writing the last post, I sat, bathed in the light of God's love, basking. I remembered the picture God showed me two weeks ago of him pulling me inside of himself so that I was completely covered by him like a hand in a glove and repictured it--completely enwrapped by my invisible God here in my chair. I thought back through the years that have passed since the scene in the story where I learned my father died. All that time, God has been a sheath of protection over me. Even when I wasn't following him he was there.

I opened my eyes and suddenly saw the cross on my wall in a new light. The black cross is me and the white cross is Jesus, enveloping me with his presence and light. A beautiful confirmation for me. This is real. I truly am encompassed by this God and Saviour who loves me so much.

Thank you, Jesus!

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Di said...

Oh what a wonderful new way to see that picture!!! Thank you so much for posting a picture of it. I had copied it way back when but lost it when my computer crashed.