Tuesday, December 23, 2008

But Why?

I haven't been posting here very much lately. Things have been very stressful lately and for some perverse reason, those are the very times I find it hardest to come into my prayer room and spend undistracted time with God. Perverse because they are the times when I need him the most. And, stranger still, I love these times with God so why do I avoid them? Why? Why? Why?

Which reminds me that my mom was talking to my grades five and six teacher the other day. He called me the "But Why?" girl. I used to annoy him and my classmates by forever asking that question. Finally, to shut me up, he told the class that if we follow that question long enough, the answer we arrive at is, "Because God." We students experimented with that for a long time and found it to be true.

Merry Christmas, Henry (and May) Welch!

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