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First Book Signing

I wasn't sure what to expect at the book signing. I've been to book launches but never to a book signing. A tall round table was set up for me not far from the cashier, with a tall stool to sit on. I could see whoever came through the entrance and, being up high, I could see across the store. It was "Customer Appreciation Day" so a hostess was offering cookies, coffee and apple cider to those in the store.

Not too many people I knew came by but, truly, on the last Saturday before Christmas would I want something else added to my to do list? Nope. But I had a good time.

Before going, I spent a bit of time reading some googled tips about book signings. Most of what I read assumed the event was planned weeks in advance, but I had only three days to prepare. One tip was very useful and I used it a lot. I think most people would have walked past my table quite oblivious to my presence so I would try to catch someone's eye and then, holding out a book, would ask them if they would like to look at my new book or ask them if they had seen my new book yet. Most people stopped and took time to read the back cover, which I appreciated.

I had to remind myself to not judge from a person's appearance whether they'd be interested or not and it's a good thing. The first to buy a copy was an elderly couple who spent a fair bit of time chatting with me about homosexuality and how to respond to homosexuals whose paths we cross (simply love them and let the Holy Spirit convict them about how he wants them to live).

One woman seemed offended that I thought she might be interested in the book: "I don't have that problem," she stated and backed away as if SSA is contagious and she'd catch it if she touched the book.

It was fun to chat with people and I plan to go back next Saturday when Christmas isn't absorbing everyone's thoughts.


Di said…
Oh, sweetie!!!! How EXCITING!!!!!!!

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