Saturday, January 3, 2009

Connecting with God

Connecting with God: A Spiritual Formation Guide by Renovaré

I decided to take a break from The Complete Works of Oswald Chambers to spend time with other authors of spirituality. Richard Foster, founder of Renovaré--a non-denominational Christian organization dedicated to fostering and developing spiritual formation and disciplines, is perhaps best known for his Celebration of Discipline, first published in 1978. I admire his strong but gentle call to developing our spiritual lives and so, when I saw a series of spiritual formation guides in the Wheaton College bookstore two summers ago, I knew I had to buy them. I bought a lot of books that summer, so it's taking me time to get to them all--especially since so many of them are full of good meat.

Of the three Spiritual Formation Guides, Connecting with God seemed the logical one to begin with since it seems to be more connected to the Old Testament than the New and, of course, the Old came before the New. So far, I've read only the first four of twelve chapters or studies. The each study consists of a devotional reading--a short passage written by a Christian with a familiar name such as Billy Graham, Philip Yancy or Teresa of Avila, a spiritual exercise intended to be done over the course of a week, a Scripture reading, several commentaries and applications along with questions to consider and ponder.

I haven't gotten a great deal out of the studies yet. Perhaps it's because I'm not spending a week with each exercise before moving on to the next. Perhaps I'm impatient. Perhaps the first four studies are familiar ones to me and some later ones will grab me. The questions would work well for group discussion but sitting alone with them doesn't stir much thought for me.

Still, I like the idea of spiritual formation guides and hope that something later in this book or one of the two others I have will stir something in me, giving me new insight or understanding of the God I love. If I have more comments as I continue making my way through the book, I will add them here.

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