Saturday, January 2, 2010

To Konrad and Bena on your Wedding Day

This was supposed to have been posted January 2, at the time of their wedding.

Dear Konrad and Bena,
Your wedding is a wonderful event to celebrate.  We’re so happy for you.  Konrad, you made a good choice.

There will be hard times.  Don’t give up.  There will be difficulties adjusting to living with each other—be gracious.  You come from different cultures so there will be differences in your views of things—be patient with each other. You will fight—make up quickly.  You will irritate each other with minor things—accept each other’s quirks.

When in doubt, choose grace and mercy.  Give each other lots of affection.  Stay grounded in your faith together—make time for God together and alone. The traditions you want to have with your children—start them now.  Never be so busy you don’t have time for each other every day.  Talk!  Your love has just begun—keep growing and nurturing that love.

May God bless you as you honour him.  May you be joyful and at peace—with God, with each other and with your selves. 

We love you much.  Never give up!

Mom and Dad.