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House: The Only Way Out is In by Frank Peretti and Ted Dekker

I love novels that make me think. House is one such book. Two couples become stranded at night on a back road in Arkansas. The inn in which they take refuge turns into a house that seems alive as it changes its inner configuration at will. Consider the following quotes and the questions they aroused in me:
She'd been abused as a child, but as an adult she'd embraced that abuse by becoming an active participant. (p.325)
How does one embrace their childhood abuse as an adult? How was she an active participant? How does one stop embracing the abuse and ending her current participation in past events?
She'd become promiscuous and inviting, and she thrived on the power that she held over men. More importantly, she allowed that power to shape her identity.... She didn't hate Pete or what he'd done to her. In fact, in many ways she was Pete. (p.325)
What power have I allowed to shape my identity? How am I like the one who has hurt me the most? In what ways? How can I change that?
"This house is mirroring our hearts." He blinked.

"It's drawing its power from the evil in us! ...We're caught in a basement that's been reflect the evil in our hearts!"

"We've been fighting our own hearts?"

"No...the evil in your hearts." (p.329)
How is the evil in my heart being reflected? What power is drawing from the evil in my heart?
"It draws most of its power from you. We've been over this. Accept it, Jack. You're at the heart of the battle between good and evil.... It's not just what you do, it's who you are. You've got to change who you are." (p.341)
If I'm at the heart of the battle between good and evil in me, how do I change myself? Can I?
Jack's second concern was a dread that came from his still-dawning realization that the threat facing him was somehow coming from him. From his own heart. (p.345)
I think this has been one of my greatest fears. Could I be my own biggest threat? Can I face that possibility? If it's true, what can I do about it?

These are some of the questions I'm asking myself because of House. What questions does it arouse in you?

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