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I have a hard time resisting good books and I just finished spending an entire weekend promoting my own book in YWAM's bookstore at Missionfest in Manitoba. The cool thing about books for sale at Missionfest is that they are books often not available in regular Christian bookstores so this is a good opportunity to stock up on books with a missions theme. While that's true, YWAM has more than just books on missions so I got a varied selection.

House: The Only Way Out is In by Frank Peretti and Ted Dekker
Both are excellent authors so this has to be a good book.
Thoughts after reading.

Saint by Ted Dekker
"I'm a captive, deep inside Hungary--no one knows I'm here. I can put a bullet into a ten-inch target at 3,000 yards. They tell me that I'm the best sniper in the world. Sometimes I sit in my dark hole for days without moving so that they don't hurt me. I can kill a man with my bare hands. I only know a few things about myself. My name is Carl. They call me Saint." Intriguing! I might start this one tonight.
Thoughts after reading 1
Thoughts after reading 2

Vanya: A True Story
by Myrna Grant
"This is the true story of Ivan (Vanya) Moiseyev, a soldier in the Soviet Red Army who was ruthlessly persecuted and incarcerated for his faith. Through two years of trial and torture, he never denied his Savior, and he never hestitated to share the gospel with anyone who would listen. Twenty years after his martyrdom, Vanya's powerful testimony--which included angelic visitations and a miraculous appearance of the apostle John--continues to change lives." A young man in the bookstore while I was there said that this is the best book he ever read. You can't get a recommendation higher than that!

To End all Wars: A True Story about the Will to Survive and the Courage to Forgive by Ernest Gordon
"Waking from a dream, I suddenly realized where I was: in the Death House--in a prison camp by the River Kwai. I was a prisoner of war, lying among the dead, waiting for the bodies to be carried away so that I might have more room." I have a particular passion for World War II stories.
Thoughts after reading

Chasing the Dragon: One Woman's Struggle against the Darkness of Hong Kong's Drug Dens by Jackie Pullinger
I first learned of Jackie Pullinger in 1989 when Tom and I took our four young sons (ages 2-9) to Hong Kong for a family reunion (Tom grew up in Hong Kong). During our six weeks there, I had one day to myself and went looking for some of the things Tom would never consider important on such a trip, such as Afternoon Tea in an elegant hotel dining room. This particular hotel had a small gift shop and one book caught my eye. It was about the Walled City in the New Territories of Hong Kong, a square mile of land that had become, in effect, one large building of rabbit warrens where no law but crime reigned. Into that most dangerous of places, Jackie Pullinger, a 20-year-old newly arrived from Britain, entered and began an incredible ministry that continues to this day, over 40 years later.

The book I bought that day was full of photos and told some of her story. A few years later, she came to Winnipeg for a conference sponsored by the Vineyard church I am now attending. I didn't miss a session and was strongly impacted by what I heard, saw and experienced. A number of years after that I bought Chasing the Dragon for a friend, knowing it to be good even though I hadn't read it. Now, finally, I have a copy for myself. I expect to be challenged in many ways by what she has to say.

Expecting Miracles: True Stories of God's Supernatural Power and How you can Experience It by Heidi Baker and Rolland Baker
Is it possible to see real and astonishing miracles today? Many say it is. What would it be like to be part of that kind of work of God? I am hungry to see as much of God as he chooses to reveal to me, including his miraculous power. Authors who have given praise to this book include James Goll and Jackie Pullinger--Christians who hold out to me the possibilities of something more in my walk with God.
Thoughts after reading

Finally, A Spiritual Formation Journal created by Jana Rea with Richard Foster.
I've been collecting books produced by Renovaré because spiritual renewal is something that matters greatly to me. The book is meant to be written in and I usually write on my computer instead of with a pen, but at the very low price I paid for it, I figured the ideas, thoughts, suggestions and quotes would be beneficial. If I keep it clean, perhaps I can pass it on to someone else who does use pen and paper.

I know I have a lot of other unread books waiting to be picked up but many of them require a lot of thinking, praying and engagement--which takes time--whereas these will be quick and easy reading for when I want something a little bit lighter.


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I finished your book. A real testimony to what God does for us.
Leona March 3, 2009
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I sat down to read it about a week later and ended up finishing it the same night. At first I admit I was a little bored and thought that the whole book was about a battle all in your mind, but as I continued reading this creeping thought came over me of a different...struggle in my own life, that I would never in my right mind have shared with anyone accept maybe God. I've mentioned your book to a few people because it stirs up age-old controversies that I have myself argued and wondered about, namely about whether or not homosexuality can be cured or just managed like alcoholism--you just have to stay away from temptation. I noticed at the end of your book that your struggle story …