Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Quirks, Queries and Commentary

I love reading my Bible and spend about half an hour before bedtime doing so. I also love to scribble all over the empty spaces in my Bible and have collected a lot of observations and questions that intrigue me. I think I'm going to start sharing some of them from time to time. Please be aware that my questions are not intended to show doubt of God's Word. I firmly believe that seeming contradictions are perfectly harmonious in God's eyes. I simply can't see what he can. Still, there are a lot of curious things in the Bible that get me wondering.

QQC--Weighty Clothes (Exodus 28:6-29)
QQC--God Blessed and Prepared them Anyway (Exodus 28:1-5)
QQC--Did it Ever Catch Fire? (Exodus 25:31-40)
QQC--Where Were the Utensils Kept? (Exodus 25:23-30)
QQC--Ark and its Poles (Exodus 25:10-16)
QQC--God in the Cloud  (Exodus 24:15-18)
QQC--God is a Consuming Fire (Exodus 24:15-18)
QQC--Seventy-four Saw God  (Exodus 24:9, 10)
QQC--Your Bloody Clothes  (Exodus 24:8)
QQC--They Will Be a Snare to You  (Exodus 23:31, 32)
QQC--Don't Come Empty-handed!  (Exodus 23:14, 15)
QQC--Love Your Enemies  (Exodus 23:4, 5)
QQC--Defence of Property  (Exodus 22:2-3)
QQC--Lest Your Nakedness be Exposed  (Exodus 20:26)
QQC--Honouring God and Blessings  (Exodus 20:24)
QQC--Misusing God's Name  (Exodus 20:7)
QQC--A Perilous Business  (Exodus 19:10-22)
QQC--If You Listen  (Exodus 15:22-26)
QQC--A Night of Wind, Fear and Noise (Exodus 14:21-22)
QQC--What Confidence! (Exodus 14:10-14)
QQC--Favourably Disposed (Exodus 12:33-36)
QQC--The NERVE!  (Exodus 12:32)
QQC--Grace and Belief  (Exodus 9:13-19)
QQC--Wasn't the Livestock Dead Already? (Exodus 9:1-7, 13-19)
QQC--Why Not "Right Now!"? (Exodus 8:8-10)
QQC--Is it Wrong because "They" Do It? (Exodus 8: 1-10)
QQC--Frogs, Frogs Everywhere! (Exodus 8:1-10)
QQC--Blood and Water (Exodus 7:19-24)
QQC--More Lying! (Exodus 4:18)
QQC--He Ran from the Snake (Exodus 4:1-5)
QQC--Another Blessed Lie (Exodus 3:18)
QQC--The Blessed Lie (Exodus 1:19-21)
QQC--Did Joseph Lose his Job? (Genesis 50:4, 5)
QQC--Joseph, a Father to Pharaoh? (Genesis 45:8)
QQC--It Was God Who Did It! (Genesis 45:8)
QQC--God Tells Us What He Will Do (Genesis 41)
QQC--Joseph Statistics (Genesis 41-50)
QQC--Destruction of Shechem (Genesis 34)
QQC--Jacob Statistics--After Laban (Genesis 33-37)
QQC--Jacob Meets Esau (Genesis 32)
QQC--Jacob Statistics--Laban (Genesis 30-33)
QQC--Isaac's Dwelling Not a Tent (Genesis 27)
QQC--The Food of Trickery (Genesis 27)
QQC--Isaac's Riches (Genesis 26)
QQC--Abraham/Isaac Statistics (Genesis 17-26)
QQC--The Boy, Ishmael (Genesis 21)
QQC--Blessed Incest? (Genesis 19)
QQC--Slow Cooking (Genesis 18)
QQC--Belief and Righteousness (Genesis 15)
QQC--Born in his Household (Genesis 14)
QQC--Pharaoh and Sarai (Genesis 12)
QQC--Nothing Impossible (Genesis 11)
QQC--Cain, Methuselah, the Flood and the Ground (Genesis 4 to 8)
QQC--Eden (Genesis 2 and 3)

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