Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring SNOW Sale

I can't resist. This is too good to not share. While people in other places are talking about their gardens, we've had a snow storm. One enterprising store in the city has capitalized on the storm with the following ad:

The Light Christian Store

The Incredible 2 Day - 20% Off
Winter Please Go Away Sale

Just when we thought winter was over and Spring was here, SUPRISE almost 20cm of snow and -20 C with the Windchill. With the bad weather everyone is staying home and I can't blame you. We need your help because we have lost two days of business and we have bills to pay. Read below for an AMAZING offer for 2 Days ONLY.

-20 Celsius, 20 cm of Snow = 20% Off The Entire Store

I love it, especially that last line! Only in Winnipeg.
(So, if you live in Winnipeg, go give them some business! They deserve it--and they were the first store to carry my book so they're extra deserving.)

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