Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kayaking Sleuth

I am very proud of my third son, Mikael. Of all my boys, he's the adventurer and, in his mind, the more adventure the better. The things he's done would make most parents want to chain him to the bedpost to keep him safe, but he'd find a way out, somehow.

Before the ice had melted on the many rivers here in Winnipeg, Mikael bought himself a kayak. He got a good deal, which helped, though he made a special order for a PDF (personal floatation device, which, apparently is not quite the same as a lifejacket, though they serve similar functions).

As soon as the PDF arrived, he was itching to go out on the river--despite the current flood conditions. His first attempt was doing laps on a creek to get accustomed to the kayak but his second day took him out on the river itself. Before long, he was out kayaking for about three hours a day--a great workout.

This kayak is going to be a lifesaver for him. He's been battling severe depression all winter, unable to work or do much of anything; but you should see how animated he gets when he talks about the kayak. I can see him, once the rivers are safer, spending all day, every day, this summer, exploring the rivers and creeks in and around Winnipeg and beyond and loving every minute of it. I can't think of any therapy that could help as much. I'm excited for him.

Two days ago he was on the Assiniboine River near the Moray Bridge when, to his surprise, he found a car in the water--just the roof rack showing. He said it was a nice car too. He had phoned me to check in as I've requested and told me about the car, so I advised him to call the non-emergency police line. He was told to stay with the car until someone arrived. Four fire trucks arrived! Exciting stuff!

A Winnipeg Free Press cameraman happened to be there to take a photo of Mikael in his kayak, talking to the water-rescue team with the car between them and put it in the next day's paper. Global TV reported about it on the evening news.

Mikael is a cool "kid." I love having adult sons.

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