Friday, April 3, 2009

Pinewood Lodge--Day One

Monday, March 30, 9:14 a.m.

It’s a beautiful morning, our first here. The sun is bright, the sky is clear, the trees are whitened with hoar frost. Tom is still sleeping but I don’t want to sleep my day away. There are lots of trails on the frozen lake—footprints, ski and snowmobile (I’m presuming). I have water boiling for tea and porridge cooking on the stove.

Last night it was almost too warm in here to sleep (we’re in the loft with the king-sized bed) but at some point it became cold and I snuggled under the blankets. Tom must have found it too cold because when I got up, the gas fireplace had been turned back on. The hand-sewn quilt on the bed is gorgeous. Made in China, I’m guessing, because it has the same sort of embroidery with ribbons that a friend has on her shower curtain. I wonder if those who did the work got paid enough. It’s a very great blessing to be able to buy such beauty for so cheap.

So far our time together has been good, despite how angry I was Saturday night. We left our house at 2:45 and arrived here at 4:45. We stopped along the way to pick up a couple things from Safeway. After things were brought in and unpacked, we sat in the Jacuzzi for a while, but Tom’s blood pressure wasn’t too happy with that, so we got out and, while he lay on the bed and I sat in the bent-willow armchair, we had a nice chat. Later we played two rounds of Rummikub (I think he was frustrated with it) and watched “The General’s Daughter,” a good movie.

I’m sitting with my back against the armrest of the couch, looking out over the lake. The only noise is the sound of my porridge cooking and some hum that is probably the fridge.

God, I want this to be a good time for Tom and me, a time to break down barriers and walls and a time to build bridges, links and trust. You’ve promised to heal our marriage. Please do so! Keep us both focused on building relationship with each other, considering the other’s needs and putting the other first.

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