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Please Pray--Speaking at Women's Retreat

Those of you who pray, would you please pray for me about the coming weekend?

I am speaking at two sessions of a women's retreat, Friday and Saturday, telling my story and talking about focusing on God and listening to him. I don't know the women who will be attending.
  • Pray for safety on the road for everyone coming and going;
  • Please pray that God's Spirit will come and rest on all of us there;
  • Pray that God use me and what I say to bless, encourage and challenge my listeners;
  • Pray that I can remain calm despite my pre-session tension;
  • Pray that I won't catch the nasty cold or flu that has kept Tom in bed for a second day (he never misses work). I need to be able to do what I committed myself to do.
Thank you very much.


Samantha said…
I hope everything goes well. I'll keep you in my prayers.
Thank you, Sam! God's blessings on you too.