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QQC—Abraham/Isaac Statistics

Quirks, Queries and Commentary—Genesis 17-26
  • Sarah was 127 years old when she died. Isaac was 37 years old that year and Abraham was 137. (Genesis 23:1; 17:17, 18; 21:5)Ishmael was 14 years old when Isaac was born. (16:16)
  • Abraham had eight sons in all. The other six were the sons of Abraham’s second wife, Keturah. Their names were Zimran, Jokshan, Medan, Midian, Ishbak, and Shuah. (25:1, 2) The Midianites were another nation that oppressed Israel many generations later.
  • Abraham was 175 years old when he died. (25:7) Isaac would have been 75 years old and Ishmael 89.
  • Isaac was 40 years old when he married Rebekah. (25:20)
  • Isaac was 60 years old when Jacob and Esau were born. (That means that he and Rebekah were married for 20 years before they had any children. That’s a long time!)
  • Since Isaac was 75 years old when Abraham died, Jacob and Esau would have been 15. Did they know their grandfather Abraham?
  • Esau was 40 years old when he married two Hittite women. Isaac would have been 100. Abraham had been dead for 25 years. (26:34)


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