Thursday, April 9, 2009

Three Cups of Tea

Three Cups of Tea: On Man's Mission to Promote Peace... One School at a Time by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin

Greg Mortenson is an avid mountain climber who works night shifts as Emergency Ward nurse, living out of his car and storage locker to save all the money he can for climbing. Coming down from an aborted trip to the peak of K2, Mortenson becomes separated from the rest of his group and finds himself in an isolated village who take care of him and help him reconnect with his porter. When he sees the village children sitting outside in the cold wind, trying to school themselves with no teacher, he promises to build them a school.

The story is of his undaunting efforts to keep that promise and to go beyond, building schools for and gaining trust from the people of one of the most isolated and difficult regions of the world--above the treeline in the mountains straddling the Pakistan/Afghanistan border--even after 9/11. Three Cups of Tea is full of danger and adventure. After reading this book, I find myself wanting to learn more about the Himalayas and the people who live there.

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