Saturday, May 9, 2009

First Session--Homosexuality

The first session turned out very well. I told my story and we had a good discussion afterwards. What do we do about the homosexuals we love who need God but aren’t interested? Love them. They know where you stand, that you believe homosexual activity is wrong. What they need is to know is that they are loved. It is the Holy Spirit who will convict them at the right time. Let the Holy Spirit do his job.

Are homosexuals born that way? Well, the two sides have kind of squared off on this question, each firmly entrenched in their opinion and unwilling to budge, even if they are proven wrong. But in my opinion, it is a non-issue. The answer to the question is really irrelevant. Many people are born with problems that are less than God’s ideal. Does that mean God loves them less? Of course not! If a person is born with a genetic disposition to alcoholism, does that mean they have no choice but to become heavy drinkers? No!

The women seemed to appreciate the answers I gave and I think it gave them some understanding about the whole issue of homosexuality.

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