Sunday, May 10, 2009

Retreat Feedback

The following are unchanged except for spelling, punctuation, and the removal of names:
  • You have been such an inspiration and your depth of relationship with God is so helpful and confirming. Keep sharing your faith. May God richly bless you and I'm so glad you chose God over Pearl. It was a very wise choice and helps free the captives.
  • Thank you for sharing from your heart. Thank you for being so open. It helped me to understand a bit more of the individual I told you about. I will continue to show him love and pray for him and trust God with the rest. God is using you in a beautiful way. God bless you.
  • "Thank you." These words don't seem adequate for all you gave to us this weekend. Your transparency and vulnerability are treasured. You have challenged me and your story will influence my Christian walk till I walk hand-in-hand with Jesus in heaven. God with God, Sister.
  • Your first session was so freeing. Thank you for your willingness to obey Jesus. He has blessed us through you. This weekend I realized that I have run a lot away from pain because I hate pain! So I have "worked," "slept," "read" to get away from it. Jesus wants me to stop and be there! With Him! He will help me through the times of pain I am going through right now! Thank you for teaching us your life--keep teaching, asking Him where to teach. You are good. More than good. Gifted. Keep doing it and you'll get even better because you are a listener, processor, perfector, journeyer.
  • It was a wonderful weekend to slow down and to listen to God. I was moved by your honesty and courage to share what you did and the struggles you face, how you learned to rest in God's everlasting arms.
  • I believe it was no mistake that you were our guest speaker this weekend. God predestined you here at this time this weekend to share your transparency of your testimony. Thank you for your obedience. You have encouraged my heart greatly.
  • Thank you for sharing your story! Thank you for speaking to the issue of "God made me this way." Thank you for the next two sessions that were so practical--reminding me to keep on keeping on. I've just begun listening prayer.
  • Thank you so much for coming out to be with us and sharing all you did. You spoke so well. I would never have know it was your first time! Keep following God so you can keep being the light to others.
  • I found the examples you gave were very practical and easy to apply. I think that will encourage women to actually start practicing it on a daily basis. I at least will apply it more on my daily walks.
  • Thank you so much for sharing so candidly and making yourself vulnerable. God bless you richly for that. It definitely confirmed some thoughts I had on the topic. But the most important truth I learned was to "love the sinner," because God loves me--a sinner!
Thank you, ladies. You have blessed me greatly!