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Walking with God--Noah, George Whitefield and George Fox

What does it mean to walk with God? Is this something we can do or is it relegated to giants of faith? I've been reading "Walking with God" in Connecting with God by Renovaré (HarperSanFrancisco). It points out some interesting and thought-provoking ideas.

    1. ...had an unshakeable faith in God.
    2. ...was obedient...when God asked him to do something that would make him look like a fool to the rest of the world.
    3. ...was steadfast and patient.
    4. ...had to be completely reliant on and secure in God. (p. 117)
For Noah, walking with God meant relying on God, trusting God, and most of all, believing in God. (p. 118)
George Whitefield (1714-1770), influential in the beginnings of Methodism in Britain, a significant part of The Great Awakening in North America and founder of the Evangelical movement* spoke of four implications about someone who walks with God:
  1. Her hostility toward God and man is gone.
  2. She is reconciled to God.
  3. She interacts with God.
  4. There is noticable and on-going improvement in her spiritual life.

How do we walk with God? Whitefield suggests seven ways:

  1. Read the Bible.
  2. Pray.
  3. Meditate often.
  4. Watch and note God's care and direction in our lives.
  5. Watch and be aware of God's Holy Spirit moving in us.
  6. "...walk with [God] in ordinances" (p. 114) I think he means what some call the sacraments such as baptism and communion.
  7. Keep company with those who walk with God.
George Fox (1624-1691), founder of the Quakers, showed by example that walking with God puts us out of step with others as Noah was in his time. He had radical ideas such as:
  1. Anyone, even women, can be filled with the Holy Spirit and minister to others;
  2. No ritual is required for salvation, only belief;
  3. Church buildings are unnecessary because God dwells in our hearts;

that were out of step not only with the non-Christian world and the Roman Catholic church but also with fellow reformers of the time.

He wrote: "For though I read the Scriptures that spoke of Christ and of God, yet I knew Him not, but by the Father of Life drew me to His Son by His Spirit." Knowing God comes not just by reading the Bible. It is the result of walking with God (which includes reading the Bible but is so much more) on a consistent basis over time.

I look at my life and wonder, "Am I walking with God?" I like to think I am and when I look at the various truths above that speak to walking with God, I believe I see a match. It hasn't always been that way and I am so grateful for what God has been doing in my life the last several years.

I think of my book and sharing with others what God has done for me. It has been a scary journey that makes me look like a fool to some and puts me out of step with many. My book launch is this weekend. Will the ads in the Winnipeg Free Press bring dissenters and/or protestors to the launch? Will I lose respect from people I know as they hear or read my story? Can I continue even if/when the going gets tough? I believe I can--if I continue to walk with God and rely completely on him.

What about you? How's your walk with God?



Abby Ang said…
My walk with God is good at the moment.... I'm getting closer to him.
Hey, Abby! Welcome! It's awesome that you are having a good walk with God. I know it's often not easy.
gilley said…
Your book is a testament to your walk with God.

A hard journey.
SCAREY, yet you have kept moving forward.
FEELING OUT OF STEP, knowing you are diffent and still moving forward.
You wrote of pain earlier saying it is inevitable, you cannot avoid it.

Who more than Jesus knows pain.
SCARED . . .yes He was. feeling our of step, knowing He was different . . .absolutely.
Allowing it. Who more than Jesus?
but His focus was always where it needed to be.

So is yours.
Thank you, Jeanie! You're going to make me cry.
gilley said…
Whatever happens this weekend with your book launch is exactly what needs to happen because although your book was written by your hand, God had His hand over yours.
It's His book too.

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