Thursday, June 11, 2009


Let it be noted for the record: I hate migraines.

Tuesday night I had one so bad Mikael (24-year-old son) took me to Emergency--the first migraine-induced-visit in ten or fifteen years. He was a sweetie--supportive, caring and encouraging--and stayed beside me the whole time. I was taken to a less-brightly-lit examining room nearly right away but it took more than two hours before the doctor showed up. Taking one look at me pressing a pillow into my face, without further examination, he ordered the meds. Thirty minutes later I was discharged.

Perhaps I should have stayed longer (to let more medicine drip into me) because the symptoms didn't go completely away. Last night I thought I might have to return but felt well this morning--until I made breakfast and all the wooziness returned. I had been very sick with nausea and dizziness in the days leading up to Tuesday so now I'm wondering if that was the lead-in to the migraine.

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