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Rick Warren and the Islamic Society

Rick Warren, author of the wildly popular Purpose-Driven Life will be speaking at the Islamic Society's annual convention this weekend. It seems an odd thing for a Baptist pastor to do, but he won't be alone. Rabbi Burton Visotzky, a leader of Conservative Judaism will also be a featured speaker.

How is it that Christians and Jews are showing support for the Islamic Society, or indeed any Islamic group, by their high-profiled presence? What kind of support does their presence indicate? Surely Warren is not suggesting that Islam is a religion worth pursuing, so what is he saying? Is it reasonable to expect Judaism, Islam and Christianity to live at peace with each other? Is it desirable? Is Warren's presence at the convention similar to Paul speaking at the Areopagus in Athens or more like the alliances Judah sought to make with Egypt? Where do we draw the line between living at peace with and acknowledging the right of others to choose other than Jesus, and embracing other religions as equally valid? Is there any difference between this and a Buddhist leader speaking at a major Christian event?

What are your thoughts?


gilley said…
My thoughts . . .Rick Warren will say "you will discover your identy and purpose through a relationship with Jesus Christ" He will tell them we were put here to prepare for eternityand when you get there God will ask two things. 1. What did you do with my son Jesus Christ? (not about your religion or doctrine.)and 2.What did you do with what I gave you?
Do you think he would be that bold? He has spoken to the Islamic Society before, apparently. Would he be welcomed back had he given that message before?

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