Sunday, August 23, 2009

QQC--Why Not "Right Now!"?

Quirks, Queries and Commentary—Exodus 8:8-10

Pharaoh was understandably dismayed with all the frogs that had invaded the land, including the palace and his own bed and bakery so he called Moses, asking him to get rid of all frogs except those belonging in the Nile. When Moses asks him when he wants the frogs to leave, he doesn't say "Today!" but rather, "Tomorrow!" That's odd. I would have wanted them gone right away!

As an aside, I find it amusing that the dead frogs were more of a plague than the live ones because they stank. God could have made them disappear with a zap, but he allowed their carcasses to remain. I can imagine the Egyptians gathering all they could find to toss into the fire and then continue to find, like Easter eggs in my kids' rooms, the odd frog carcass for days and weeks afterwards. What a stinky mess!

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