Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What Love Does

Children, adults and teens came to Winnipeg Centre Vineyard (WCV) from across Canada to learn What Love Does. Situated in the core of Winnipeg’s toughest, most hurting neighbourhood, WCV has a long track record of reaching out to the poor, the homeless, prostitutes, drug addicts and dealers, the disenfranchised, the marginalised and the weak. How can we cross the forbidden lines in our neighbourhoods? How can the weak and vulnerable be protected from those who would use, abuse and discard them? How can we from the suburbs become one with those from whom we are so different? How can those who have every advantage in life identify with those who have been treated as detritus since white men first stepped foot on this land? Who is my neighbour?

We examined these questions through six main sessions punctuated by generous times of singing and dance, workshops, and forays into the community. Speaking were Nathan Rieger, pastor of WCV, Beth Wood from Halifax, Mark Tavener from Langley, B.C. and David Ruis, founder of WCV, currently planting a church in Los Angeles.

It was an amazing and inspiring time and I hope to share with you much of what I heard, saw, learned and experienced.

Please note that there may be times when I get some of the details wrong. I hope that those who recognise those mistakes will be forgiving.

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