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Erik's "Thing" for Mikael

From the heart of your brother, Erik; via the vocal chords of your sister, Willow:

Probably the most entertaining and "unique" person I have ever known -- Mikael. The last time we spent together was some of your last hours, and I'm honoured, and proud to have with you forged that memory. Forged heartily, as Thor's mighty hammer, Mjolnir, of mystic iron and golden hair of boar.

We were watching The Big Bang Theory -- it was the episode where Sheldon gets afeared of Penny and Leonard's bickering and runs away to claim sanctuary in the hallowed bowels of the local comic shop. You said it was a "meh" episode. Aside from asking if I'd downloaded the latest of episodes, one of the last things you said to me was, "If you and Jenn watch Gargoyles, please don't leave me out." We don't plan to; we are going to marathon the whole series in your honour. I'm sure you'll be watching when "the castle rises above the clouds" -- ha! Get it?? 'Cause.. from... the show.....


Planning your funeral the other day -- laughing more than crying to be sure -- correlated with the quirkiness to that of Pheobe's mom's (from Friends) where they handed out 3-D glasses. I think you would be stoked to know we aimed for a comparative air. You'd also prolly make fun of my superfluous words right now and say I sound like dad.

I always admired you and was proud to have you for my brother. I would always brag to people about your... "individuality"... How many times did I spam for you, "mikael's-misadventures-dot-blogspot-dot-com"? You brought me kayaking in the creek when you first bought what we now honour you with as a personalized "casket". I got a big blister on my thumb and you called me a wimp. We skated on the river a ton in the winter and we helped each other learn how. You always had valuable advice with which ingredients to make the best potions and the four-tiered magical properties that they maintained. You really, really liked Boggle. Was it your favourite game? I know you [eccentric-ly] played it alone, you enjoyed it so much. I think you beat me every time, but Willow always beat you, and I always beat Willow. How does that work? We started a fun tradition for a while there of going to cheap movies at Cinema City and then bouncing over to East Ocean for some mouth-watering A15. Oh, the salivation-induction of delectably savourable A15. Let us never forget the hairy wad of skin you gifted the restaurant's rustilly-nailed fence in an aerobatic maneuver that was characteristically unnecessary. Literally in the flesh, a part of you will forever linger in the sweet, sweet vicinity of our favourite Chinese restaurant.

Despite our indominable sillinesses, I love you, and hope that you know that. I don't think anyone else was in on this [typically] nonsensical joke of ours, but as we deemed this phrase to 'trump' all -- and was likely the last words between us -- "Your passport, my passport", Mikael... "Your passport, my passport."


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