Monday, November 30, 2009

Mikael and the Pink Duct Tape

by Ang Plett
November 28, 2009

I was thinking of Mikael a lot today as I packed up our household. We're moving from our little apartment to a house across town. Anyway, we are re-using a lot of the boxes we used when we moved to Prince Rupert to Winnipeg over a year ago. A lot of them still have the bright pink duct tape we used to seal them back then.

In August 2008 a group of us ventured out to Morden to attend the Morden Corn and Apple Festival--a favourite annual event from my childhood that many of my city friends had never experienced. I think the group was Jon, Megan, Alicia, Ben, myself, and Mikael. We had such a good day! We sat and watched the parade in the morning. One of the floats was by 3M and they were throwing out roles of pink duct tape to the crowd! We were all enamored with this pretty and unique duct tape and hoped we could get our hands on a role. Well, a role of tape flew through the air right toward our group. I tried to catch it but it ricocheted off my hand and Mikael snatched it from the air. He was pretty proud of himself! I jokingly pouted about it for the rest of the day and tried to convince Mikael that the tape was rightfully mine--I was moving, after all, and felt I was in greater need of tape than Mikael. He didn't budge, though. He was pretty attached to that tape! After the festival the group of us drove one more hour south west to my parent's farm where we sat around the fire and roasted wieners and marshmellows late into the evening. The next morning we made waffles on the outdoor waffle oven and had them with white pudding sauce and fresh strawberries. After the trip Mikael talked about how much he loved being at the farm. My mom remembers him playing with the new born kittens. Anyway, back to the tape. We drove back to the city later that morning and dropped Mikael off at his apartment. When we got home to our apartment, I noticed Mikael had left that beautiful coveted role of pink duct tape.

Thanks Mikael! We're still making good use of that tape!

(Reprinted with permission)

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