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I Love Books about Missions

Ever since I've had access to money as a kid, I have loved books about missionaries.  Yesterday at Missionfest I bought a ton of them and am looking forward to reading them over the coming year.

Miracle in the Forgotten Land: From the Killing Fields to New Life in Christ by Setan and Randa Lee with Terry Hill

Clay in the Potter's Hand by Dorothy Sun
--a third generation Christian in China when the Communists took over, she paid the price of staying loyal to Jesus and to her family.  Mrs. Sun and her husband were guests in our home many years ago and I found them inspiring.

The Man in the Fiery Furnace: The Compelling True Story of Freddie Sun
--While many in China were trying to flee from the Communists, Mr. Sun travelled back to China from the USA and was eventually imprisoned because of his faith.

The Little Ones by M. D. Meyer
--A novel about two foster parents and two little native girls "who have been damaged and wounded by abuse.  The author was foster sister to "hundreds of First Nations children."

Colin's Choice by M. D. Meyer
--Taking place in Canada's North, "Colin's Choice is a must to read as it gives insight and hope from God to the abused victim."  It won the Canadian Christian Writing Award of Merit.

Deep Waters by M. D. Meyer
--"Set in the fictional Ojibway community of Rabbit Lake, Deep Waters will transport you into Canada's far north for a compelling story of enduring love and sustaining faith."

Day by Day with the Persecuted Church: 365 Daily Readings compiled by Jan Pit.
--This book is going in my washroom because each story is short enough to read in one sitting.

Prayer Works by Brother Andrew (also known as "God's Smuggler")
--"Brother Andrew shows that prayer can--and does--change the world.  But above all, it can change you."

God's Smuggler to China by Brother David
--"This book will encourage you to ask the biggest things of God and to expect the biggest answers you've ever had through faith and prayer."

Unlock Your Hidden Prayer Power by Brother Andrew
--"Now you can release the power that makes Satan tremble!"

Never Say Die: The Story of David Yone Mo and the Myanmar Young Crusaders by Douglas Hsu
--The story of "the transformation of Burma's most reckless gangster into one of the country's most outstanding preachers and social workers.

Voices in the Wilderness: 100 Snippets of Courage and Faith from Around the World edited by Doublas C. Hsu
--The stories are of "God's servants who are taking the gospel to the unreached in the uttermost ends of the earth.  Because they live and serve in remote places far from the ye of the media, their voices often go unheard."

She Has Done a Beautiful Thing for Me: Portraits of Christian Women in Asia by Anne C. Kwantes
--Winner of the Gintong Aklat Award in 2006 from the Book Development Association of the Philippines, it tells the stories of Christian Asian Women "throughout the centuries who...have done beautiful things for their Saviour."

Secret Believers: What Happens When Muslims Believe in Christ by Brother Andrew and Al Janssen
--"the riveting true story of the church in Islamic countries struggling to come to grips with hostile governments, terrorist acts, and an influx of Muslims coming to Christ."

Forgotten Factors of Sexual Sin: An aid to Deeper Repentance by Roy Hession

Spiritual Revolution: the Story of OM by Ian Randall
--"Beginning with Goerge Verwer's conversion as a teenager in New York City, the story traces God's faithfulness from the first outreach in Mexico City to OM [Operation Mobilisation) becoming one of the world's largest mission agencies."

The Church is Bigger Than You Think: The Unfinished Work of World Evangelisation by Patrick Johnstone
--A companion to Operation World, it looks at the "historical development of the Christian Mission before launching into a practical discussion of the structures and strategies needed."

Forgiveness in the Face of Terror by John and Eloise Bergen
--At Missionfest this year, this couple told their story of being brutalised and left for dead four months after arriving in Kenya, where they expected to live out their remaining days.  An amazing story.

Woman to Woman: Sharing Jesus with a Muslim Friend by Joy Loewen
--Loewen has spent thirty years reaching out to Muslim women.  "Sharing powerful stories from her own experience, she shows you how to develop authentic connections with these often-overlooked women."

Why Israel? Understanding Israel, the Church, and the Nations in the Last Days by Willem J. J. Glashouwer
--The book "gives a clear picture of the Middle East, as well as why and how to pray for Israel."

Mini-Skirts, Mothers and Muslims: Modelling Spiritual Values in Muslim Culture by Christine Mallouhi
--The cover grabbed my attention--rows and rows of women covered head to toe in black and one woman in the midst of them in a short-sleeved, short-hemmed dress.  The woman at the table where I bought it said it has a lot of humour in it.

Through Her Eyes: Perspectives on Life from Christian Women Serving in the Muslim World by Marti Smith
--" honest and insightful look at the challenges of being a [Western] woman in [Muslim] missions, providing much-needed encouragement from those who have stepped out in faith and found that god is indeed enough to meet all their needs."

I Dared to Call Him Father: The Miraculous Story of a Muslim Woman's Encounter with God by Bilquis Sheikh
--"Her entire life turned upside down as a series of strange dreams launched her on a quest that would forever consume her heart, mind and soul."

Imprisoned in Iran: Love's Victory over Fear by Dan Baumann
--"An ordinary American...was wrongly accused of espionage and thrown into the most infamous high-security prison in Iran.  In that unlikely place, under the threat of execution and in the midst of despair, Dan witnessed the powerful triumph of God's love over fear."

John Sung: A Biography by Leslie T. Lyall
--Born in China, dying before the Communist take-over, Dr. Sung and his ministry converted tens of thousands, brought revival to churches and challenged thousands of Christians in their commitment to Christ.

Jonathan in the Middle Kingdom edited by M. E. Tewksbury
--This grabbed my attention because my nephew Jonathan just returned after living seven years in China.  God gave the Jonathan of this book a dream about setting prisoners free that taught him about God's wisdom, God's humility and the importance of doing God's will "cheerfully and with great anticipation."

China: The Reluctant Exodus by Phyllis Thompson
--"The story of the withdrawal of the China Inland Mission [founded by Hudson Taylor] from China."

China's Christian Millions by Tony Lambert
--"This book is an amazing eye-opener.  There is no better introduction to the extraordinary vitality and dynamic growth of the church in China."

Radical Discipleship by Roger Steer
--"...a collection of real life instances from [Hudson] Taylor's remarkable life, with each one teaching, by example, the true meaning of radical discipleship."

Night of a Million Miracles: The Inside Story of Project Pearl by Paul Estabrooks
--"Using a tugboat and a specially-designed barge, twenty men clandestinely deliver one million Chinese Bibles--232 tons--in one night to thousands of Chinese Christians waiting on a beach in southern China.  But the untold story is the million miracles that occurred in getting to that night of delivery."

Faith that Endures: The Essential Guide to the Persecuted Church by Ronald Boyd-MacMillan
--"Through true stories from the author's many years of work supporting the persecuted church, you will see how God is building His kingdom all around the world.  and as you become more connected to the experiences of the persecuted, you will discover new spiritual truths that will transform your own faith and witness."

Point me to the Skies: The Amazing Story of Joan Wales by Ronald Clements
--She had spent years trying to get to China, certain that's where God wanted her, but now that she had reached her destination and her work was progressing well, she was being told to leave.  Sixty years later, "her remarkable story shows us that there are some lessons we can only learn with hindsight."

Infidel by Ted Dekker
--It's the second in "The Lost Books" series and I don't have the first but I love Ted Dekker and the price was a bargain.

Skin by Ted Dekker
--"...compelling, thought-provoking fiction that is wildly out-of-the-box, speculative, boundary-breaking...regales readers with a tale of horror, suspense, and mind-bending reality."

Blue Like Jazz: Nonreligious Thoughts on Christian Spirituality by Donald Miller
--"Don Miller has achieved what every Christian writer toils and types for: spiritual relevancy.  He has completely revealed himself in his latest effort.  Laced with off-guard humor, biting insights, and to-the-point summaries, Blue Like Jazz is a thought-provoking journey toward a God who is not only real but reachable."

Tiny Dancer: The Incredible True Story of a Young Burn Victim's Journey from Afghanistan by Anthony Flacco.
--The girl "fell into a kerosene fire while heating water for a bath....her father...exhaustively sought help to save his child.  When an American Green Beret soldier by chance sees Zubaida...on the street...he decides he must get involved."


Harmony said…

Wow! What a collection of books! You should start an online book club and get us all reading.

I'm thinking this is a sign that your energy level is continuing to improve.

Take Care
You're welcome to join me in reading! And if you do, certainly post your comments! I love discussing books.

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