Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Is God Good? Really?

The following was written by Russ Toews, "Mission and Church Extension director for the MB Church of Manitoba. He and [his wife] Sharon live in Winnipeg."

Reflections on a son's suicide

"They kept ringing the door bell, insistently. And I was having such a nice sleep. (Something that would now elude me for months.)

"It was 5:45 a.m., October 6, 2008. Two Winnipeg police officers had come to tell us that our son Brad was dead. All they knew or were willing to say was that it involved a train near Providence College and that he was the only one hurt.  

"Four hours later, the RCMP told us the train engineer saw Brad put his head on the tracks, and though the engineer hit the brakes and blew the horn non-stop, Brad did not move. And, Brad had written a letter." Click here to continue the story.

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Abby said...


One of things that impacted me about this post was that it happened so close to home. I am a student at Providence College right now. Definitely very mind numbing.