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Is Russell Williams Forgiveable?

"The understandable hatred that was expressed yesterday and that has been palpable throughout the week, has me recognize that most will find it impossible to accept. But the fact is, I very deeply regret what I have done and the harm I know I have caused so many." --Russell Williams the day he was sentenced for two murders, two sexual assaults and 82 break-ins.
"Go join your friend, Paul Bernardo." --Anonymous man in the courtroom

"The depths of the depravity shown by Russell Williams have no equal." --Justice Robert Scott, presiding judge
"I can never, ever, ever forgive him for taking my daughter’s life and taking her away forever.." --Roxanne Lloyd, mother of murder victim Jessica Lloyd
"(He is) pure evil that took her from us." --Andy Lloyd, brother of Jessica Lloyd
"We cannot forgive the affront to all of us and to all that is decent. We long to lance it, like a boil on the world." --Mike Strobel, The Sault Star

“He cannot sta…

We're Not That Different

It took two days to read the eighty-eight charges against him. A courtroom, the nation and indeed the world watched in disgust, horror and jaw-dropping shock as the secret life of the former commander of Canada's largest air force base unfolded.  It seemed unbelievable that Russell Williams, golden boy of the RCAF and one-time pilot for Queen Elizabeth and Canadian Prime Ministers, honoured by all who knew him, could descend into the depravity revealled by his meticulous journalling and the hundreds of photographs he took during his crimes that detailed every step of his actions: 82 counts of break and entry stealing the lingerie of women and girls as young as 12 and staying in their empty bedrooms for as long as two hours, four counts of sexual assault and forceable confinement and the murders of two women.

He has been called "Canada's Bright Shining Lie," "Sexual Sadist," "Sicko," "Psychopath," and "Monster,"  an aberration …