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We're Not That Different

It took two days to read the eighty-eight charges against him. A courtroom, the nation and indeed the world watched in disgust, horror and jaw-dropping shock as the secret life of the former commander of Canada's largest air force base unfolded.  It seemed unbelievable that Russell Williams, golden boy of the RCAF and one-time pilot for Queen Elizabeth and Canadian Prime Ministers, honoured by all who knew him, could descend into the depravity revealled by his meticulous journalling and the hundreds of photographs he took during his crimes that detailed every step of his actions: 82 counts of break and entry stealing the lingerie of women and girls as young as 12 and staying in their empty bedrooms for as long as two hours, four counts of sexual assault and forceable confinement and the murders of two women.

He has been called "Canada's Bright Shining Lie," "Sexual Sadist," "Sicko," "Psychopath," and "Monster,"  an aberration from all that is normal.  The presiding judge declared that "The depths of the depravity demonstrated by Russell Williams have no equal."  All who have followed his story have asked, Why?  How could a man in his exalted position be so evil?

As much as we all want to distance ourselves from Williams and what he did, we're not that different.  We all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.  Romans 1 lists the following:

  • wickedness
  • evil
  • greed
  • depravity
  • envy
  • murder
  • strife
  • deceit
  • malice
  • gossips
  • slanderers
  • God-haters
  • insolent
  • arrogant
  • boastful
  • inventing ways of evil
  • disobedient to parents
  • senseless
  • faithless
  • heartless
  • ruthless
 God doesn't seem to differentiate amongst these things.  Note how murder and depravity are tucked in amongst greed, envy and strife. Can you look at that list and say none of those words describe you?  

We share another likeness to Russell Williams.  Justice Robert F. Scott in his sentencing statement said,
"One suspects that he has contained for most of his adult life sexual desires and fetishes. However, in 2007, these inner thoughts began to control his private actions, pushing him deeper and deeper into criminal behaviour, which culminated in the brutal and senseless murders of two innocents."
His crimes came from a thought life out of control.  There is a common understanding that what happens in our minds is harmless.  But is it?  It wasn't for Russell Williams.

Sin is progressive.  Once we cross the line from doing what honours God to doing even the smallest thing that does not, we set ourselves up to spiral down.  What used to titillate loses its thrill and so we "have to" up the ante. We start with something that seems innocent enough but after a while, it isn't enough so we look for what is more." If a person has no need to operate under the will of God, there is little to stop him or her.

Every thought we entertain (think of setting a table and inviting certain thoughts to sit there with us), every thought we don't dismiss leads us to God or toward being another Russell Williams.  There is no middle ground.

What's happening in your thoughts?


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I have written a book that's recently been published about part of my journey with God. In it I tell how God confronted me with the same-sex attraction issues I've struggled with all my adult life and how he led me through them to a deeper and more meaningful relationship with him. God is amazing—his forgiveness, his love, his movement in our lives when we allow him and so much more. I suspect God will never run out of things to teach me or ways to make me grow and that’s a good thing (though often very painful).

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