Tuesday, February 1, 2011

No One Died on This Watch Either

I have belonged to a number of different online communities.  Sometime after yesterday's story, I was in a chat room with a couple friends when another friend joined us.  She had been experiencing pain down her left arm most of the day and was worried she might be having a heart attack.

"Go to Emergency!" we told her.

"I can't.  My husband thinks I'm making it up and went to bed."

"Drive yourself!"

"I'm too scared."

"Well, call an ambulance!"

"No.  My husband would get mad at the cost."

"Is there someone else you can call?"

"I could call my dad, though he's at work."

"Call him!"

When she did, his phone was dead.

After we spent more time discussing her symptoms and how she was unable to get to Emergency, I finally told her that if she didn't find a way to ER soon, I would call 911 myself and send an ambulance to her door.

"You wouldn't!"

"I've called the police before on someone I was chatting with.  I don't have a problem calling the ambulance for you.”  No one’s dying on my watch, I added to myself.

I gave her some time to think about this as we continued to chat but the girl really needed to see a doctor and soon.  Finally one of the other friends phoned the girl’s older sister in another state.  After all, I didn’t have enough information to give 911 if I was to call for an ambulance—but the sister would.  It took some persuading by Big Sister, by Grandma who was visiting Big Sister and the rest of us but finally she went.

I prayed through the night, whenever I was conscious, “Lord keep her safe!  Protect her!”

When I checked my phone the next morning, before I even left my bed, I saw an e-mail from Big Sister.  “She has pneumonia in both lungs plus asthma.  They admitted her and then later released her to her husband’s care.”

Whew!  Thank you God, that we were able to get her to the hospital in time! 

Some details of the story have been changed to protect my friend’s identity.


Patricia said...

You really do need to work a crisis line!

Debbie Haughland Chan said...

LOL! There are days when I'M the one in need of a crisis line!

Harmony said...

Wow! I can't believe they released her in the care of her husband who was saying she was making it up! But he was likely chomping at the financial bit counting the hours she was there. Thankful that you were able to help her problem solve her way to treatment and that you were there to facilitate her diagnosis and recovery through prayer...

Good Work Debbie!

Debbie Haughland Chan said...

Harmony! Nice to see you. And yeah, I was surprised too. Thanks for the nice things you said.