Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Mission Bigger than Ourselves

Margot Starbuck on Tony Campolo's blog Red Letter Christians talks about the Christian symbolism in literary works like The Chronicles of Narnia and Lord of the Rings and, thinking of seemingly insignificant heroes like Lucy and Frodo, asks the following questions:
What if participating with God in a mission bigger than ourselves was actually part of the master plan?  What if journeying through life as the King’s chosen agent, liberating captives, was never meant to be a literary rarity?  What if losing our lives as brave bearers of the new kingdom, was never meant to be the exception? What if it’s the rule?
I wonder, how would my life be different if it is the rule?  Or, what if I already am participating in such a mission?  How would I know?  What does it mean?  How does it affect my daily life?  How does it influence the decisions I make day to day?

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Harmony said...

Hi Debbie,
Another thought provoking post from you! I recently read Mother Teresa of Calcutta's book. The reason I picked it up was the intriguing summary that included her confession that when she was doing this great work in Calcutta, following years of assurance from God that she was to do this work, she no longer heard God's voice. She grieved for His voice and felt abandoned and alone as she was certain He had directed her down this path. Imagine if she had given up in defeat thinking that she was mistaken.

After reading her book, I have concluded that each of us is called for great but maybe seemingly small things to us. He uses our struggle to teach and bring others to Him and for those of us who have been blessed to hear His voice, I believe He knows we will have a stronger measure of faith to trudge on without daily confirmation of His presence. Yes Jesus completed that work for our salvation but He also calls us to be co creators in His Kingdom. And of course the enemy is consistent in his work to discourage us. Thank you for your post and the interesting link to the blog you referred to .

Once again, I am forced to think on these things.. Thank you for inspiring. SJ