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Why I Support Israel

About a week ago, I stated in Facebook that I hope Canada's Prime Minister Harper will win the current election because I'm so pleased with his stand for Israel.  He's taken a lot of heat for that statement and Canada was not offered a seat at the UN Security Council because of it.  Nevertheless, as long as he is prime minister, he says Canada will support Israel.  

Someone commented, "Debbie how can you as a compassionate christian support Israel?"  I started writing my answer to him in a Facebook message but decided that because of its length, I would post it here instead. I am not a scholar and I do not read scholarly books.  What I've written below is completely from memory and, given my age and the state of my mind lately, will likely include some faulty information.  Nevertheless, this is why I support Israel:

I have spent my adult life reading about the state of Israel and her history.  In the past week I have read two new (to me) books that also shed li…