Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Depression Gone?

It's been a long time since I've written here--primarily because of depression that has sucked away mental acuity and motivation.

This past Sunday, John Rademaker preached on healing prayer and then invited those who need healing to stand and for those not standing to pray for those who were.  I was one who stood and three people came to pray for me.  I told them that I had been depressed most of my adult life and that during the previous two weeks my depression had taken a nosedive.  So they prayed.

One of them started sharing a picture part way through the praying and while I can't remember exactly what he shared (wish I had recorded the praying), I remember the picture God gave me as he shared: a long, blue, silk scarf being pulled out of me--pulled out hand-over-fist and with great strength because there was so much of it.  I had a sense that this was God pulling the depression out of me but I tend to be a skeptic about miraculous prayer so I said nothing.

Depression expresses itself in me as a physical shutting down far more than sadness.  I am exhausted for no good reason and have absolutely no physical or mental energy.  I can do very little.  But Sunday afternoon I decided to try and take a bit of a walk at the Forks.  I wound up walking for an hour and a half (with breaks).  Amazing!  I haven't been able to do that for over four years.  I figured I'd have to rest the next day and that I'd be too exhausted for anything but when I woke Monday morning, all I had was a bit of stiffness that worked itself out quickly.  So I went for another walk, this one an hour, and when I came home I immediately did a load of laundry and cleaned a bathroom.  Unbelievable!  For sure I'd have to rest and do nothing on Tuesday but Tuesday I was feeling fine and energetic so I went for another walk, this one about an hour and a half.  I used to walk like this on a daily basis but an arthritic knee that's bone-on-bone stopped that and then depression made it impossible to pick it up again.  I can't believe that I've been able to do this three days in a row.

Not only this but my mental energy has improved since that prayer on Sunday.  I've been able to spend time studying a book on pride, ponder and journal about how it applies to me.  Plus I've been able to spend more time with God in various ways.  It's so very exciting, like I've been given a new life.

I saw my psychiatrist this afternoon and she also is amazed.  She's not a believer but she cannot account for the dramatic change in me in any other way than because of that prayer and told me I need to go to more healing services.  

I thought I'd share all this to encourage you.  God is good.


Anonymous said...

Debbie, thank you for sharing this wonderful story - like you, I'm skeptical of miraculous healings but in spite of that,they do occur. It's so encouraging to read your account. I think I've had low grade chronic depression for a couple of years now. Not really anything I can put my finger on symptom wise, just a general lethargy and lack of creative energy. Anything more than the mundane routine feels like a lot of work....sunshine helps, but I revert back to my default of flat and joyless. Hope you'll continue to post your progress....and I hope your depression is gone for good!

Michael Rempel said...

It was a joy to pray for you Deb.

A little image to help keep it that way... This is what comes to mind when I think of your blue silk scarf and what it is really made for.

TammyIsBlessed said...

That is so amazing Debbie - thanks for sharing, and I'm so happy that God is healing you!!