Tuesday, July 24, 2012

So, What's in my Purse?

I carry a green purse with me everywhere I go.  Most times I also carry a backpack with a two-litre water bag.  So, what am I lugging around with me?  I know you're dying to know.

In my purse:

  • Passport
  • comb
  • mini-wallet for charge card, debit card and health insurance card
  • mini journal
  • second book of same size to carry Bible memorisation codes and names of people I pray for
  • Trident, sugar-free gum--orchard peach/mango flavoured
  • Loperamide Hydrochoride caplets for diarrhea relief
  • funnel for use on squatting (and dirty or wet sitting) toilets, since I can't squat
  • Ben's Insect Repellent
  • fresh ginger root (for nausea and unsettled tummy)
  • tweezers for removing leeches from skin in the jungle
  • pen and stylus for my iPhone
  • Body Glide--an anti-chaffing stick
  • plastic no-name container containing Anti-Monkey Butt powder also for chaffing
  • Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-touch Sunscreen SPF 66
  • Rexall baby Diaper RAsh Cream for if the previous two products don't work
  • George's Daily Moisturing Lotion
  • Tide To Go stick--Instant Stain Remover (I'm a sloppy eater)
  • Two pocket-sized packets of facial tissue
  • battery operated fan by Travelon
  • wrist-band ticket for the waterfalls at Kota Tinggi yesterday
  • miniature LED flashlight
  • ear buds for iPhone
  • Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion
  • bottle of Tylenol
  • Ventolin puffer
  • iPhone in Otter Box case
  • PhD Multi--a back-up pen in case the first one breaks or dies
  • 600 ml plastic bottle with maybe 250 ml of water left in it
  • Rexall Hand Sanitizer
  • technical towel to wipe sweat away when everything else fails to do the job
  • receipts for every purchase made since our arrival in Malaysia
  • six ten empty gum wrappers plus one wrapper holding discarded chewed gum
  • Power Monkey--a light-weight, rechargeable battery I can use to recharge my iPhone when I'm away from home
  • taxi ticket from the Changi Museum in Singapore--they ordered the taxi for us and the ticket gives us the taxi number, the cost of the booking fee and how many minutes before the taxi arrives
  • nine Singapore dollars--two twos and a five
  • Singapore coins: 50 cent x 1, 1 dollar x 1
  • one Canadian ten dollar bill
  • Malaysian Ringgits: RM50 x 4, RM10 x 4, RM5 x 4, RM1 x 6
  • Malaysian cons (Sen): 50 x2, 20 (silver-coloured) x 4, 20 (gold-coloured) x 2, 10 x 1, 5 x 2
  • luggage key
  • pill box with three pills
  • feminine hygiene packets
  • lipstic--plum shine
  • blush
  • brush for blush
  • emory board
  • Moisture Therapy for lips SPF 15
  • lapel pin with the outline of a bison and the word Manitoba under it--to give as a gift to someone.
  • four anti-nausea pills
  • sweatband
  • piece of paper with the scientific names of a seed and a shell we saw in the mangrove forest todayn at Kukup
  • restaurant napkin with this week's itinerary written on it
  • extra restaurant napkin with nothing written on it
  • bulletin from True Blessing Church
  • five printed pages from Google Maps, showing how to get from "home" to Kukup
  • one hand-drawn map for the same purpose

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Anonymous said...

And all that fit in your purse?!!
- Bonnie