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Hong Kong

3:50 p.m.: I’m sitting in a darkened room where I slept all today as well as last night.  It’s day two of a severe migraine that was triggered, I think, by the tram ride Tom and I took across Victoria Island in Hong Kong.  We’ve been travelling by the city’s rail system but since it’s all underground, you can’t see what the city looks like.  Tuesday we had time to kill between lunch and dinner engagements so, after checking out Tom’s old neighbourhood, I suggested taking the tram to the end of the line and back again.  My reasoning was that it would require less effort in the heat than walking. 
I think it was sensory overload.  Hong Kong is a city of high-rises so dense that travelling on the road is like moving along the bottom of a deep canyon.  The buildings are a mixture of old and new, rusty and shiny, dishevelled and stately, but all are tall.  An example of the density is the community where Tom’s brother David lives.  In less than a square quarter mile, there are 51 apartme…