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A Tribute to my Friend, Edith Clark

I first met Edith in May, 2009 at the online community of Crosswalk (CW) Forums.  This was a Christian community where people could discuss nearly any topic from a Christian perspective—politics, current events, theology, morality, parenting, marriage, singleness, humour and more general stuff such as the struggles and joys of life.  The advantage was that you didn’t have to be online at the same time as the others in a conversation (also called a thread), but could read and comment whenever you had the time.
I had a personal thread where I shared things from my life and this is where Edith first appeared in my world, though I believe she’d been reading most of what was posted in all of  CW for a few years before then.  Her handle was “Bountiful,” and all I could think about was the town of Bountiful, B.C., notorious for its polygamous community.  Was Edith a part of that and using her handle to proclaim her support of that lifestyle?  She was horrified when I finally confessed this.