Sunday, July 7, 2013

This Morning in Church

I'm sitting here in church, filled With joy and awe for the people who are around me.  One, with a hectic, grueling schedule, is sitting through the worship music with head bowed, eyes closed, hands laying open on her lap. May God grant her rest and peace.

Two young men greet each other in long embrace of prayer and love with no shame.  Bless them!

A father stands while his two  sons dance around him and use him as a climbing gym. God bless him for being a good and godly father.

A muscle bound biker sits on the front row with both hands raised high above his head. Thank you God for his witness to others.

Another father dances with  his little girl on the low stage at the front.  Thank you God for committed and loving fathers.

Two little boys of different colour and ages join together to share their little cars. Thank you for a church where the children are welcome and free to be kids.

The pastor comes looking for a lone aboriginal woman at the back, hands her a drum stick and invites her to the front to play on the large pow wow drum. Bless my pastor end give him joy.

A tall, buff aboriginal man walks briskly into the church 10 minutes before it ends as though he's on a mission. Is he a drug dealer come to deal with someone who has peeved him? He stops near me, looking for someone. Who will he be challenging? Boldly charging through the row ahead of me, he bends over a little old, curly, grey haired white woman and gives her a big hug. Then he sits down as close to her as possible and listens attentively to the sermon. The woman is his grandmother. He has come to honour her. God, bless this family!

I love my church and the people in it. And to think, i had to fight with myself to get up this morning.


Catherine said...

Interesting post. :)

Samantha said...

I definitely have Sundays like that. It seems, though, that just as you have shared, those are the days when I find my needs are filled more completely when I attend church meetings. Lovely post. Thank you.

Harmony said...

Isn't this the truth! As we approach the things we see around us, gratitude and seeing the best in people, as Christ does for each of us, we are blessed. Thank you for reminding us of that Debbie.